Inductive sensors

Kod produktu: MAL J8A3-02-Z/BY
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MAL J8A3-02-Z/BY

Properties of the product:

Maximal operating distance: 2 mm
Installation in metal:       undeveloped
Output functions:      Normally open
Connection method: Cable, PVC, 2 m



Structure: Roller screw
Thread size:    M8x1
Length: 50 mm
Power supply: DC 6 ... 36 V
Load current:   ≤ 200 mA
Electromagnetic compatibility: according to EN 60947-5-2
Short-circuit protection (pulse): yes
Protection against polarity change: yes
Pulse attenuation at turn on power supply: yes
Protection type:     IP  67 3
Ambient temperature from …to: -25°C ... +75 °C
Housing material: Nickel-plated brass, plastic
Voltage drop: ≤ 2 V 1
Tightening torque: 6Nm
Dimensions (W x H x L): 50 mm