For service technicians

Our devices are commonly used by companies that service checkout desks. You will find here a wide range of devices for the control of conveyor belt engine. You will find here a wide range of devices for the control of conveyor belt engine. We believe that it is an attractive offer as far as quality of design; features and the price of the product are concerned. We provide repair service for all models manufactured by our company. The developed designs are to minimize the time and costs of installation of the unit in a checkout desk, provide an easy access to the panel, and in the future - if needed - instant service. Since we focus on maximum reliability, we guarantee customers that our devices will work absolutely reliably for years. We possess one, two or even three engine versions. The offer includes mono and double modular units, and a version for the extension by the staff of the manufacturer. The first two types are equipped with a sealed housings with integrated key switches, checkout lighting switches, safety switches. The extension sets include a control panel, and a control module. This system should be equipped at the checkout desk production stage with a main switch, safety switch and engines capacitors – according to checkout desk documentation and safety rules. From 2012, we introduced 24-hour service. This system is based on the idea that if sent for warranty repair controller is delivered to us in a working day until the noon, it will be repaired and sent back to the sender the same day. This minimizes the downtime of the checkout desk.

We provide training for service technicians, assistance in solving problems and access to technical documentation after registering You in our system as a servicing company. Service technicians registered in our system take advantage of special prices for controllers and equipment, as well as discounted repair costs of sent devices after the warranty period.