Monomodular controllers

Kod produktu: MV4k
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Controller MV4K for one conveyor belt


Power supply: 220-240V
The maximum total power consumption: 700 VA
Output current of the main belt (~230V/50Hz): max 1A
Maximum power consumption of an additional circuit L1: 100 VA
Maximum power consumption of an additional circuit L2: 100 VA
Power consumption of the control system: 2,5 VA
Maximum engine power 1: 240 VA
Main fuse: 4 A
Motor capacitor: 6uF/450V
Dimensions: 178x55x223 mm
Mass: 680 g
Color: gray
Additional features: -
Photocell 940 nm included: Yes
Inductive sensor input : Yes (option)
Extreme sensor input: Yes (option)
Footswitch input: Yes
Autostart tape - the driver can work without the footswitch: Yes
Autostop tape – after passing an empty tape the engine will stop: Yes
Programmable output flash II: Yes
Peripherals test - allows to check the correctness assembly of the photocells and the footswitch: Yes
Time count - allows counting time when the controller is powered, indicates the need to replace the motor capacitor: Yes