Our production

Our company is engaged in the production of microprocessor devices. We specialize in engine controllers for checkout desks. The biggest customers are manufacturers of checkout desks for large chain stores, as well as companies manufacturing low-volume cashier stations. Owning to many years of experience, innovative, but carefully thought designs for many years we have been the leading Polish producer of this type of equipment. We have achieved this through a very high reliability, ergonomics and ease of design, which allows very fast connection of engines, checkout desk lighting and other equipment. Materials used in the production are of the highest quality, all possess attestations or certificates. Our goals are: product reliability and long service life, trouble-free operation and, above all, client’s interests. That is the reason why in the first place we are concerned about the safety of the product, proper performance, quality, and then another element is a low price design. Our suppliers are proven over the years in the Polish market, with them we aim to deliver the highest quality components used in the manufacturing process. PCBs are tested several times during the production and assembly, keyboards on the basis of 3M materials, in accordance with the highest environmental and operational safety standards. Each device is tested before the end of the production process. Our photocells are among the most reliable in Europe.


Photocells are counted as the most reliable in Europe. Our controllers support all kinds of conveyor belts and are the most commonly used in checkout counters. Thanks to our solution checkout counters can have more modular and compact design, providing both easier production and maintenance. Our equipment perfectly handle the Interroll motor-drums, Danrol motor-drums, as well as motor-drums of other manufactures. To guarantee the ideal co-functioning with Interroll and Danrol motors it is recommended to contact us and provide the type of motor-drums to be controlled. It results from diversity of conveyor belts, as well as the motors which drive them.

We constantly strive to bring to market new and interesting designs. We achieve this through experienced designers and skilled personnel who have acquired experiences over the years. We are not engaged in the production since yesterday, so our designs are to a large extent compatible with previous ones, which makes service and operation easier.

We invite You to use our products - we guarantee that You will be satisfied with the product.